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Empiricon founder facilitates conversations around what
the world will be in 2100 and deep tech’s role in it.

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Empiricon is Singapore’s latest premier conference presented by Tabula Rasa, advocating knowledge driven conversations through sensory experiences. As the evolution of technology is rapidly shaping our future world, this year’s topic will focus on deep-tech solutions for sustainability.

Empiricon is the brainchild of founder Carrie Liauw. On a mission to drive decisive action in the field of deep tech and sustainability, she strongly believes that starting meaningful
discussions and building an invested community can shape the world for a better future.
With more than a decade of experience in the curated event space, she has the know-how on designing experiences that bring together enlightening perspectives whilst immersed in a sensory environment. Carrie also emphasises on directing conferences that has meaningful causes and purposeful impact.

Aiming to tackle some of the most pressing issues on global sustainability, Empiricon is set to bring together the finest speakers to generate impactful conversations and innovative ideas revolving deep-tech solutions. Topics covered at Empiricon:

Planet Earth: Today and tomorrow
- Empiricon’s vision: Why ‘Deep-Tech for Sustainability’?
- Earth 2100: 82 years and counting; What’s the Future going to be?

Challenges and Solutions: What are we facing right now, and what can we do?
- The future of human life: Bio-engineering and nano-technology solutions
- Deep-tech meets bio-engineering: What are startups doing?

Tomorrow and Beyond - Where do we go from here?
- Implementing a circular economy: Is it feasible in Asia?
- Technology vs Humanity: Problem or solution

Empiricon will take place on 19th September, showcasing the best solutions for sustainability within the deep tech industry in Singapore.

Visit to learn more about Empiricon.

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